• LeadersBridge is Switzerland's leading cross-industry network for Digital Leaders, to collaborate on growth opportunities.

    Our mission is to create deep interconnectivity within Switzerland’s innovation ecosystem, to enable more digital innovation.

  • The LeadersBridge Creed

    How we commit to showing up and how we work together

    1. We are here to serve people, not to please people

    2. We create clear agreements, not unspoken expectations

    3. We don’t manage or control, we lead

    4. We connect what belongs together

    5. We empower people to act through their unique abilities

    6. Every step we take, everyone wins

    7. We believe the world is an abundant place and act accordingly

    8. We measure and reward performance in results, not in busyness

    9. We believe that remarkable things only happen in collaboration with others, not in a vacuum

    10. We make decisions based on what we stand for, not based on limitations

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