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    Together with our partners, we organize and promote high-impact events & programs that support the growth of The Conscious Economy with the goal of facilitating partnerships between high-growth companies, investors, corporates and service providers.

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    Claiming our humanity -- managing in the digital age


    This conference started as a small project of group of students and slowly turned into a significant event. Some of the conferences are available online. It is quite amazing what ideas are spread and how impactful such event can be.

    Portugal, Spain, Switzerland

    AWE Summit's mission is to draw women from the background to the foreground, and to create an environment of experience sharing and peer learning. To expand women's contact base, to network, to collaborate, to find business opportunities and have FUN!
    To establish friendships through stories that inspire, impact, transform...Because everyone's story matters!

    We create real change by inspiring or empowering others with cases, keynotes and trends from the campaigning world! Become part of the movement and join the summit! (coming soon in Poland, Finland, France, The Netherlands)

    CEO-CF connects three times per year as a community in attractive and unique settings that allow our executives critical time outside their business. We call it balcony time, the opportunity to expose yourself to new perspectives, key learnings as well as forging new alliances across our community that strengthen you as a leader both personally and professionally. At the heart of the community meetings are the strategic challenges, where members tackle their most pressing problems through collaboration in their trust groups and across the Forum.

    The European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to advance the understanding of entrepreneurship and to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in Europe. The ECSB is an affiliation to the ICSB.

    Innovators Under 35 is the most prestigious recognition worldwide from MIT Technology Review.
    We aim at connecting remarkable minds and projects in an effort to escalate the impact of their achievements. In Europe, more than one hundred Innovators from Spain, Germany and Italy are part of this global community. Belgium and Poland join us this year.

    This unique conference is aimed at podcasters, bloggers, social media visionaries, content creators, entrepreneurs and new media enthusiasts who are looking to up their game through the effective use of new media tools ‒ such as podcasting, blogging and social media ‒ in their endeavours. During this two-day event, you will have the choice to attend over 24 sessions prepared by some of the best speakers in the world. From general ‘know-how’ sessions and technical workshops to inspiring keynote speeches ‒ you are going to be equipped with the new media knowledge, ideas and inspiration that will make you stand out from others in your niche!

    Networking events throughout the whole weekend will enable you to connect with other like-minded individuals.



    Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands

    Since launch in February 2014, we have organized 40 events, workshops, webinars, networking and co-working days, in 13 European cities and 9 countries.

    Our events mainly focus on developing entrepreneurial mindset, we tell authentic and very personal stories of very successful people and how failure turns into success through changes in mindset




    Founded in 2004 by French entrepreneurs Loïc and Geraldine Le Meur, LeWeb is an internationally-renowned conference for digital innovation where visionaries, startups, tech companies, brands and leading media converge to explore today’s hottest trends and define the future of internet-driven business.


    The Berlin Change Days is the global Agora for people who are passionate about organizational and personal development. It provides a forum where practitioners meet to look at trends, hear about new tools, network, and celebrate.


    An organisation becomes fit for the future through its richness of ideas, approaches and perspectives. More and more women are taking up positions of responsibility on executive and supervisory boards across the world, thereby entering top management. The growing dynamics of this trend cannot be ignored. And one thing is clear: wherever this happens, old patterns of thought are being disbanded. We profit from this increased variety of thoughts, perspectives and solutions.


    HEUREKA is the conference for founders who want to bring their business to the next level. Learn about the key factors of success, get inspired by like-minded entrepreneurs and meet high level investors and media Representatives. Bigger and more international than ever!




    MakeSense is a rapidly growing, global open-source community of passionate individuals who use their skills, knowledge and connections to tackle business, design and technology challenges of social entrepreneurs.


    Their monthly informal get-together, SenseDrink, happens in Berlin.


    The European Entrepreneurship Foundation (EEF) – created in 2005 – is a non-profit organization. EEF helps building the next generation of European companies. Train the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders, develop and disseminate programs that enhance entrepreneurial skills and abilities. Our aim is to improve the ecosystem in which entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Europreneurs.org is the official website of EEF.


    This is a group for change makers that already are or want to be involved in business projects that help make the world a better place. The objective of this group is to connect people who are interested in social entrepreneurship. Whether you have a project already, you’re working on an idea, or you’re just thinking about getting started, this group can help you meet other like-minded people to share advice, information and lots more. Social entrepreneurship refers to the creation of sustainable businesses that respond to a social need. If they are a Green businesses, all the better!


    The A Factor gives visibility to individuals who are shifting the traditional balance. Because connection between people is the true leverage to change the world!




    The Institute came to life in 2013 to support entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship within society. With our primary offices and coworking space in the heart of Madrid, we offer a range of programmes and services to people who have an entrepreneurial project in mind or already underway, those who already have an established company, or those who want to join in the fun. We also work around the world through a series of projects, in order to bring the entrepreneurial ecosystem to everyone who wants to get involved.

    Impact Days

    The Netherlands


    PYMWYMIC ANNUAL IMPACT DAYS is Europe’s most inspiring and focused gathering for the groundswell movement of people involved with the Impact movement: aligning investment, intention, and action for social and environmental return. With carefully curated content in a welcoming space, Impact Days welcomes family investors, business angels, and philanthropists to interact with global entrepreneurs and impact activists.

    The Next Web Europe

    The Netherlands


    Since 2006 our conferences have been known for bringing together the world’s leading thinkers, promising international startups and the most inspiring brands to do business and share their ideas. Join us for our 10th anniversary and discover what the next decade has in store.

    Birmingham Salon

    United Kingdom


    Birmingham Salon runs stimulating debates led by subject experts in local settings. Our events are genuine public conversations and our speakers are open to challenge – we give plenty of time for participants to say what they think.


    Inspired by London’s annual debating festival, Battle of Ideas organised by the Institute of Ideas, we believe that the starting point for changing our world is open debate that is unafraid to tackle the thorniest questions.

    Come and join us at our next debate. We’re a serious but friendly group, and we look forward to debating with you soon. We ask attendees to make a donation towards our running costs.

    East Midlands Salon

    United Kingdom

    East Midlands

    The East Midlands Salon like those that currently exist in Brighton, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, New York and Lisbon is inspired by the Institute of Ideas. The IoI is committed to: (1) The legacy of the Enlightenment: scientific and social experimentation, intellectual ambition and curiosity; (2) Embracing change and making history; (3) Art for art’s sake, knowledge for its own sake, and education as an end in itself. (4) Freedom. To think, to act, to say what needs saying – even if it offends others; (5) Challenging irrational social panics; (6) Open and robust debate, in which ideas can be interrogated, argued for and fought over Civil liberties, with no ifs or buts


    The Leeds Salon

    United Kingdom


    The Leeds Salon is a public forum for debate around contemporary political, cultural and scientific issues, with the aim of challenging any orthodoxies along the way. Writers, academics and experts in their field are invited to present their ideas and to have them debated and held up to scrutiny by the audience.

    Battle of Ideas


    United Kingdom


    The Battle of Ideas festival was set up 10 years ago, initiated by the Institute of Ideas and supported by a wide range of partners, to encourage free thinking and open-ended public discussion. In 2014, this feels particularly apposite: we need serious thinking to deal with serious times.


    United Kingdom


    GlobalNet21 is the leading platform in the UK for discussing the major issues in the 21st Century, and where can we take it from here. We share a common concern for the sustainability of both our planet and the people on it, with over 17,000 members in the UK and abroad. The GlobalNet21 community is about a space for people to meet, learn about and actively engage with the issues of the day, meet others with similar passions or discover new ones.

    London Entrepreneurs

    United Kingdom


    Want to meet other like minded entrepreneurs? Find an interesting startup to join? Discover the next big thing to invest in? Or maybe just to relax and have a drink some fascinating people? London Entrepreneurs is a weekly meetup where we join a different entrepreneurial networking event every week and host our own one every month. Brought to you by UCL Enterprise Society, UCL Entrepreneurs Society, Enactus UCL, Clean Tech Challenge and AIESEC.


    United Kingdom


    Meaning conference exists to help connect and inspire the people who believe in better business. Be part of the change.


    UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN is about not waiting any longer. It’s about seizing the power that is already within you and challenging you to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that’s been scripted by your environment, society or anyone else. Break through the fears that hold you back (including unconscious fears). Create momentum in your life to make difficult things become effortless.

    Develop powerful new routines that create maximum energy, optimum health and peak vitality. [NEW!] Implement a fail-safe system to ensure that you follow through long-term, especially when the demands, distractions and frustrations of life begin to vie for your focus. [NEW!] Harness the key strategies for wealth creation, regardless of the economy or any other external forces.

    Skoll World Forum

    United Kingdom


    Skoll World Forum, bringing you the most relevant news, insight, and opportunities to accelerate entrepreneurial approaches and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social issues.

    Sheffield Salon

    United Kingdom


    Who are the thinkers of our time? What are the ideas that matter? What do we really value? Founded in September 2011, Sheffield Salon is part of a small but growing movement that seeks answers to these questions. We see public discussion as an end in itself, engaging the widest audience in issues of the day, striving to create a public space to explore contemporary ideas.

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