• 360+ Visionary Companies in Switzerland

    Play business with organizations creating a bigger and brighter future for humanity

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  • Are you done with playing corporate politics and being a number in a huge industrial machine?

    Do you want to play business with organizations in Switzerland who create a brighter future for humanity?


    Most people in the Swiss market only know about the large corporations.


    The problem with the big corporations is that everybody competes with you, even though profit margins and fun factor at work are lower than ever before.


    Huge companies take forever to make any kind of decision, they are in constant cost-cutting mode and “innovation” is nothing but a buzz-word for “We need to keep the shareholders happy”.


    Is that really the kind of environment you want to play in?


    I believe we all want to play business with leaders and organizations that are in alignment with who we are.

    If there is no alignment in vision and values, you will be miserable, no matter how much money the engagement pays.


    Because of this, I decided to create a list of Visionary Companies in Switzerland.

  • Definition: Visionary Company

    "A Visionary Company is an innovative startup or SME, creating a bigger and brighter future for humanity."

  • Criteria

    Organizations that make it on the list of Visionary Companies need to fulfill the following criteria:

    • Location in Switzerland
    • Innovative startup or SME with up to 5000 employees
    • Potential to disrupt the status quo in their industry
    • Making social impact alongside with business impact

  • 360+ Visionary Companies in Switzerland

    This list contains 365 visionary companies, from startups with 10 employees to multinational SMEs with up to 5000 employees. You will find specific details on the companies' name, vision & mission, website, location, industry, company size as well as description.

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    With this list, you can...

    • Create business and career opportunities with organizations that are aligned with your values
    • Save countless hours identifying companies that are actually investing instead of cutting cost
    • Venture into the Swiss market of fast growing, international startups and SME companies
    • Focus your outreach efforts on organizations that actually care about making a difference
  • Size of Companies

    2-10 employees: 79 companies

    11-50 employees: 147 companies

    51-200 employees: 58 companies

    201-500 employees: 24 companies

    501-1000 employees: 19 companies

    1001-5000 employees: 38 companies

    Company Locations

    Region Zurich: 211 companies
    Region Geneva: 53 companies

    Region Lausanne: 45 companies
    Region Basel: 24 companies
    Region Bern: 24 companies
    Region Ticino: 8 companies

  • Number of Companies by Industries

    Information Technology & Services: 132

    Health & Life Science: 73

    Consumer Goods: 20
    Management Consulting: 15
    Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing: 13
    Environmental services: 13
    Financial Services: 9
    Nonprofit Organization Management: 9
    Marketing & Advertising: 9
    Education: 6

    Retail: 6

    Human Resources: 5

    Industrial automation: 4
    Mechanical or Industrial Engineering: 4
    Research: 4
    Design: 3
    Insurance: 3
    International Trade & Development: 3
    Machinery: 3
    Semiconductors: 3
    Aviation & Aerospace: 2
    Civic & Social Organization: 2
    Entertainment: 2

    Events Services: 2

    Government: 2

    Hospitality: 2
    Leisure, Travel & Tourism: 4
    Oil & Energy: 2
    Program Development: 2

    Think Tanks: 2

    Utilities: 2
    Venture Capital & Private Equity: 5
    International Affairs: 1
    Nanotechnology: 1
    Philanthropy: 1
    Real Estate: 1

  • The list comes in two formats, an XLS file that you can sort according to your preferences and a beautifully designed PDF you can print or view on your devices.


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  • Get Access to 360+ Visionary Companies in Switzerland Now for Only CHF 249.-

    Click the button below to get immediate access to your company list