• Summits & Programs

    Together with our partners, we organize and promote high-impact events & programs that support the growth of The Conscious Economy with the goal of facilitating partnerships between high-growth companies, investors, corporates and service providers.

  • Asia

    The Be The Change Journey is designed to accelerate your shift into more meaningful work. Visit pioneering changemakers blending business acumen with social purpose, explore the major models of making an impact in the world + get coaching to figure out where you fit.

    Once again, Chris and his team will be bringing in top expert speakers from the online business world to blow your socks off at his intimate, life-changing conference in the tropical paradise of the Philippines, where he has lived for 14-years and built three successful businesses, leading to a multi 7-figure annual income. This year he’s making room for 50 smart, savvy entrepreneurs to come hang out, learn lots and achieve remarkable business breakthroughs, all while partying their ass off with everyone else in attendance!

  • Australia

    Amplify Festival takes place every two years in the heart of AMP’s offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Together, with some of the world’s boldest innovators, academics and industry luminaries, we unpack the future over a week of talks and collaborative events. The program is designed to engage heart and mind, logic and emotion, theory and practice, learning and fun.



    We are an Australian social purpose organisation that works in partnership with communities in rural Malawi and Sri Lanka.

    The Gateway


    “We are the gateway for change and the gateway to our own evolution”
    The truth is the world is shifting and changing at a rate we have never seen before and In order to adapt to these changes we need to evolve… Evolve ourselves, evolve our businesses and organisations so that we can become the living example of what is possible when we come together to make change.


    Jeffrey Slayter is a top researcher of Leadership and Self Awareness and its application to the high-performing awakening entrepreneurs who are building businesses for a better world and committed to impacting generations to come.
    He brings disruptive insights (in a good way) – adventures, coaching, trainings, events, high-end masterminds, iconic guests, tools, tactics and edgy information, with the intention to turn not just your business – but you – inside-out.

    We are an Australian social purpose organisation that works in partnership with communities in rural Malawi and Sri Lanka.


    Think Act Change is a new monthly meetup where changemakers, thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs or anyone who is passionate about social innovation, social enterprise or simply doing good meet once a month.
    At our meetups we want to talk about ideas, but more importantly we want to connect people to enable them to act on their ideas in order to implement real change.

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