• Access Panel

    An Access Panel is a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and corporate executives who provide each other with access to networks, knowledge and skills, to accelerate global expansion & sustainable innovation

  • At LeadersBridge, we believe with access to the right resources & capabilities, anything can be accomplished.


    The Access Panel Program connects seasoned entrepreneurs and corporate executives in a 3-month, peer to peer advisory board.


    Our entrepreneur members are CEOs of high-growth companies (50-500 employees) in Switzerland, at the forefront of emerging technologies, digitalization and market disruption,


    Our executive members are Digital Executives (CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, etc.) of multinational corporations in Switzerland in the digital transition.


    Through the Access Panel Program, we support leaders and organizations that change the way we...


    ...Educate and learn
    ...Connect and collaborate
    ...Engage with work

    …Interact with machines
    …Interact with money
    …Treat mind and body


    After the 3 month engagement, both parties decide how to continue and if so, in what role and capacity (i.e. Board Member, Investor, Advisor, Mentor, acting CEO, etc.).

  • How it Works

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    Phase 1 - Intake Meeting

    Duration: 1-2 Hours


    Objectives & Challenges

    • Assess key objectives to clarify the priorities you want to accomplish
    • Assess current key challenges and what issues could show up along the way to anticipate unforeseen obstacles
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    Phase 2 - Access Panel Engagement

    Duration: 3 Months


    • Define key objectives to accomplish in collaboration with Access Panel members to set clear expectations
    • Engage with Access Panel over set period of time to access resources & capabilities required to accelerate growth and scale globally
    • Transfer newly gained resources & capabilities into company to internalize the assets and sustain pace of expansion progress
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    Phase 3 - Evaluation

    Duration: 1-2 Hours​


    • After the initial engagement, both parties will decide if they want to continue the collaboration and if so, in what role and capacity (i.e. Board Member, Investor, Advisor, Mentor, Executive Role, etc.)

    • De-briefing on gained insights, impact and steps to break through to next growth stage

  • Why Participate as Entrepreneur

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    World-Class Mentoring

    Benefit from the wisdom of top level executives (CxOs & VPs) who lead multinational teams and global expansions.

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    Corporate Partnerships

    Leverage corporate relationships and networks to accelerate business development and secure additional revenue sharing opportunities.

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    Global Network

    Access a network of global decision makers and influencers that make expanding to new markets easier, faster and more likely to succeed.

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    Growth Capital

    Access private and corporate growth capital to fuel your expansion and make strategic acquisitions.

  • Why Participate as Executive

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    Board Memberships

    Gain board member experience in high-growth environments to amplify your career path and raise your public profile.

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    World-Class Mentoring

    Benefit from the creativity and drive of high-growth entrepreneurs that disrupt and take industries by storm.

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    New Innovation

    Gain trend insights to anticipate where your industry is going in order to capitalize on new ideas and execute new solutions.

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    Career Development

    Expand entrepreneurial thinking and mindset necessary to take your career to the next level inside or outside your current company.

  • What Makes Us Unique

    We've got a long history in enabling growth

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    Coaching & Mentoring

    Coached & mentored 250+ corporate leaders and entrepreneurs from 29+ nationalities on corporate exit strategies and strategic business development

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    Content Marketing

    Published 500+ articles on entrepreneurship, business development, personal growth and innovation that generated more than 800’000 page views

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    Business Enablement

    Enabled angel investments, joint venture partnerships and business deals that led to more than CHF 20 Million in new business value

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    Board Placement

    Built Board of Directors for Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland consisting of 6 high-profile entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders

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    Community Building

    Built a community of 12’000+ professionals and executives with the goal of fostering cross-sector partnerships between corporates and startups in Switzerland

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    Recruiting & Staffing

    Recruited 100+ professionals and executives for large corporations and international SMEs in the ICT, life science, finance and service industry

  • Timeline

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    Entrepreneur Selection

    We select up to 10 of the most cutting-edge, disruptive Swiss tech entrepreneurs in education, workplace engagement, emerging technologies, finance and life sciences in growth and expansion phase.

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    Executive Selection

    We select up to 20 senior executives who are looking to expand their entrepreneurial mindset and match the criteria to support the entrepreneurs in growing and scaling.

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    Access Panel Engagement

    Entrepreneurs and executives engage in a 3-month Access Panel engagement to accomplish specific objectives that will enable the entrepreneurs to break through to the next growth stage and enable the executives to unleash their inner entrepreneur.

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    Celebration Event

    All entrepreneurs and executives come together for the celebration event to share their learnings and exchange with their peers in order to network and build partnerships beyond the Access Panel engagement.

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  • Testimonials

    Hear what our clients say about us

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    Marcel Gasser

    Managing Director Switzerland at Global Entrepreneurship Network


    “Daniel has been in charge of building our Board of Directors for the Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland.

    Because of the people we have on the board now, we literally have access to more than 50’000 high level contacts, including entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, corporate innovators, governments as well as NGO leaders.

    This enables us to build this organization more strategically and effectively than we ever could have without that board."

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    Janis Leontidis

    Serial Entrepreneur and CEO at Virus Clothing


    "What we need are people who do things, who do not fear to take risks, who are actually interested to really change something.


    There are unfortunately only few of them and I was happy to meet one of those - Daniel.


    Just a few weeks after I met him, he introduced me to an investor, who ended up investing into my venture."

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    Richard Grauel

    Business Development Executive for Clean Energy Infrastructure and Private Equity


    "After only two short conversations with Daniel, he clearly understood my personal vision and mission.


    Just a few days later he sent an introduction to a truly inspirational entrepreneur I would never have normally come across in my extensive network.


    I would sincerely like to thank Daniel for connecting me and enabling me to live my dream as an entrepreneur and investor in a very exciting new business venture."

  • Ready to Accelerate Your Growth?