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    The team behind the magic of LeadersBridge

    Daniel Jordi

    Co-Founder & Partner

    Daniel Jordi co-founded LeadersBridge.org and acts as a Board Member and Advisor to several global non-profits and startups.


    He is a Connector & Catalyst for Visionary Leaders and believes that the world would be a much more human place, if more people lived in alignment with their vision, values & purpose.


    That's why, after nine years in the recruitment industry and hiring hundreds of people for his clients and his own teams, he decided to become an entrepreneur.


    Over the past 12 years, he spent most of his time connecting what belongs together, empowering leaders to grow their business and career towards more impact and fulfillment.


    Daniel has advised more than 250 corporate leaders and entrepreneurs from 29 different nationalities.

    Jutta Jerlich

    Co-Founder & Partner

    Jutta Jerlich has always been passionate about bringing things to life. She believes that there is no success or failure, but answers to questions or results from experiments. Jutta is also the Initiator and co-founder of FuckUp Nights Basel.


    As a Technology Marketing and Business Development Expert, she develops and creates programs to foster technology education & transfer, as well as public awareness about the importance of cutting edge new technologies and scientific achievements for the well-being of an economic region and the society as a whole.


    Throughout the last two decades she lived and worked on 3 continents, worked with people from 30+ countries in 6 languages, in different roles across industries, in start-ups, large enterprises and government organizations.


    Today she uses her understanding of the market needs and technologies to connect people and setup partnerships that allow each partner not only to reach their goals faster, but go beyond.

    Alexis Geronga

    Community Engagement

    Alexis Geronga has always strived to pursue a career with innovative businesses, explore the world and create different works of art.


    As a marketing and business development professional, she’s worked for one of the major media companies, a multinational law firm, and one of the top telecommunications company in the Philippines.


    Few years after working in a corporate setting, she decided to become a consultant and started advising clients on business development, client development and management, product development, digital media, digital marketing, content management, social media and user experience design, naming a few.


    When she is not working as a marketing and business development specialist, you can find her volunteering to medical missions, out traveling and exploring the world, cooking, enjoying the moment while listening to music or doing arts & crafts.

    Eric Kuenzi

    Advisory Board

    Eric Kuenzi is an experienced business lawyer and serial entrepreneur. Through the hands-on experience as co-founder of multiple startups Eric has an in-depth understanding of the strategic challenges startup enterprises face.


    His boutique law-firm Vujàdé Law (which is the opposite of "déjà-vu” and stands for innovation) provides professional and pragmatic solutions in business law, mainly to startups and startup entrepreneurs.


    Eric was born in Switzerland and raised in Madagascar and is fluent in English, German, French and Spanish. He holds a law degree from the University of Neuchâtel and was admitted to the bar as an Attorney at Law in Bern in 2001.


    Before starting his own law firm he worked nine years as Attorney at Law at a leading business law firm in Zurich.

    Kim-Andrée Potvin

    Advisory Board

    Energetic and spontaneous by nature, Kim appreciates evolving environments where the status quo can be challenged. She is enthusiastic, practical and enjoys working in varied teams that strive to innovate.


    Kim is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Landolt & Cie SA and before that BNP Paribas in Switzerland where her central role since July 2014 was to drive change on operational and financial platforms while creating new levers of development. The digital program of the bank in Switzerland, for which she is the sponsor, is part of this roadmap.


    When she is not in a board room, she can be found travelling. A great lover of nature and wide open spaces, Kim’s trips are planned according to which wild animals she would like to observe in their natural habitat. So far, she has been to +45 countries and has notably seen polar bears, gorillas, tigers, jaguars, humpback whales, … All her travels have the same effect on her : they make her question things and send her home with new ideas to constantly move forward.

    Cathrine Pauli

    Advisory Board

    Cathrine Pauli considers her as an “in-betweener”. She belongs to the generation who has grown up without a computer but cannot live today without digital connection. Her curiosity has driven her to think out of the box. She loves innovation and is fascinated by the opportunity the digital transformation and globalization brings to us.


    Over the past 15 years she held several management positions in operations and business development for the service industry, mainly with the focus on change and turnaround management. In her last position as the Country CEO, she ran the Swiss organization for one of the largest global companies in food services and facility management.


    Next to getting involved in change projects she is active in politics, is thinking about services for the elderly citizens using new technology and is involved as a mother and family person.

    Aileen Zumstein

    Advisory Board

    Aileen Zumstein is a communications expert with many years of experience in Strategic and Corporate Communications.

    She is founder and managing partner of aizu Communication, a Swiss based company for strategic communications and consulting. She and her team support and advice young companies and initiatives, startups as well as Swiss and international corporations and their leaders. Key areas are positioning, media relations and leadership.

    Further, Aileen is a experienced moderator since more than twenty years and leads through conferences and events in several languages. Prior she worked in the financial industry, in radio journalism and corporate communications in SME as well as in worldwide corporations. She is also co-founder of other initiatives such as We Shape Tech in Basel, the movement for greater diversity in tech, and advises the Mindfire Foundation.

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