• LeadersBridge

    We connect leaders and opportunities that align in vision, values & purpose.

  • What We Do

    LeadersBridge is a Catalyst that enables leaders and organizations to connect for growth & contribution opportunities.

    For Executives

    Who strive for growth, impact and contribution


    Over the course of three months, you will transition from corporate to entrepreneurship by becoming Chief Executive Advisor.

    This will enable you to engage with visionary organizations on growth opportunities and contribute your superpowers towards something you truly believe in.

    For Visionary Companies

    Who strive towards creating a brighter future


    Over the course of 3 months, you will engage with a panel of top level leaders who provide access to network connections, market insights and expertise.


    This will provide you with a critical outside perspective and enable you to expand to emerging markets faster, easier and with a higher likelihood to succeed.

  • Become Chief Executive Advisor

    Chief Executive Advisors are top level executives who leverage their superpowers to engage with visionary organizations on growth opportunities

  • Are you done playing corporate politics and compromising on your values?

    Do you want to play in an environment where you can really see the impact of your work on a large scale?


    I believe we are all meant to play business with leaders and organizations that align with who we are.


    Because we know what happens when we don’t… We are miserable, no matter how much an engagement pays.


    It’s so much more exciting and fulfilling to play in a growth environment, where you can fully see the impact of your work on a massive scale.


    Because then, we are not only seen as successful but truly feel successful.


    Maybe it’s time to stop compromising your values and taking charge of your own future.

    Maybe it’s time to play business with organizations where you can fully unleash your superpowers to make real impact.


  • How it Works

    Phase 1 - Assessment

    Duration: Approx. 4 weeks​


    Your Innate Role - Who you are in business

    • Gain absolute clarity about your innate role in business so you can focus all your energy on living that purpose
    • Understand how you will use your innate role to make real world impact so you can clearly express your unique value proposition


    Your Vision - Why you do what you do

    • Clarify your grandest vision about how the world will be different because of your work to re-ignite your inner drive
    • Get your vision on paper so you can always use it as your guiding star when navigating the world of business

    Phase 2 - Find Your Match

    Duration: Approx. 4 weeks


    Opportunity Map - Find the aligned

    • Identify the most inspiring organizations that give you goose bumps when you think about working with them
    • Identify which opportunities are aligned with your vision, values & purpose to find the perfect match


    Your Value Add - How you make maximum impact

    • Identify how your superpowers will create maximum impact for each of the aligned opportunities
    • Clearly communicate your impact to make every connection a success

    Phase 3 - Connect

    Duration: Approx. 4-8 weeks


    Network Mapping - Leverage your existing network

    • Tap into your existing network to learn about opportunities currently invisible to you
    • Get warm introductions to decision makers at organizations that fully align with who you are


    Introductions - Discover visionary organizations

    • Tap into our network of visionary organizations to find your opportunities for growth and contribution
    • Get introduced to decision makers at organizations where you can truly live your purpose in business


    Meet and Greet - Create your aligned opportunities

    • Use your super-powered value add to reach out to key decision makers and propose opportunities that fully align with your vision, values and purpose
    • Meet with decision makers to discuss co-creating opportunities that will give you the most joy and fulfillment

    Phase 4 - Opportunity Fulfillment

    Duration: 3 Months​


    Your Engagement - How you work with the organization

    • You will engage in a 3 month active advisory role with up to three visionary organizations, immersing yourself into their business and growing your entrepreneurial mindset.
    • With each you will spend 10-40 hours a week contributing your skills, experience, expertise and network contacts towards tangible deliverables.


    Your Role - How you contribute to the organization

    • Your involvement can range from advisor to executive director to board member

    Phase 5 - Evaluation

    Duration: Individual


    • Together with the organizations you have worked with, you will decide to either stay or move on to your next opportunity for growth and contribution
    • If both parties decide to continue the collaboration, you will negotiate terms, role and capacity to ensure both you and the organization stay in continuous alignment
    • At any time after the engagement(s), you have the option to re-enter the program and have us support you in creating your next opportunity

    Your Investment to Join the Program is CHF 10'000

    • When you decide to join the program, you pay a coaching fee of CHF 10'000
    • This is your entire investment for the Chief Executive Advisor program and covers all stages
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  • Testimonials

    Hear what our clients say about us

    Richard Grauel

    Director in Business Development Operations for Clean Energy Infrastructure and Private Equity


    "After only two short conversations with Daniel, he clearly understood my personal vision and mission.


    Just a few days later he sent an introduction to a truly inspirational entrepreneur I would never have normally come across in my extensive network.


    I would sincerely like to thank Daniel for connecting me and enabling me to live my dream as an entrepreneur and investor in a very exciting new business venture."

    Melanie Pledger

    CEO at DNA Light Up



    “Daniel is a supremely gifted 'superpower' in his ability to connect professional people who share a passion to positively impact the world. After only two short conversations with him, he clearly understood the depth and complexities of my personal mission.


    How do I know that? Because just a few days later he sent an introduction to a truly inspirational man I would never have normally come across in my extensive network of professionals.


    To say I am delighted with the result is an understatement!"

  • Access Panel

    An Access Panel is a group of chief executives who provide access to networks, knowledge and skills, that make expanding to emerging markets faster, easier and more likely to succeed

  • Most companies move internal employees to a new location when expanding into new markets. Or they hire a consulting firm to help them.


    Both are good options, but they don’t provide you with the cultural insights, market knowledge and network contacts that make the expansion faster, easier and more likely to succeed.


    When you engage with an Access Panel, you gain access to vast networks of contacts, decades of experience and skills of top level executives who have done it before. They can mentor and advise you, as well as open the gateways to the key decision makers more easily.


    Over the course of 3 months, you have access to 1-3 leading experts on your panel. Depending on the workload, they engage with you anywhere from one to five days per week.


    After the 3 month engagement, both parties decide how to continue.


    You are already investing millions in your expansion without having guidance from top leaders who have done it before.


    Why not go the extra mile to ensure the success of your project?


  • How it Works

    Phase 1 - Intake Meeting

    Duration: 1-2 Hours


    Objectives & Challenges

    • Assess key objectives to clarify the priorities you want to accomplish
    • Assess current key challenges and what issues could show up along the way to anticipate unforeseen obstacles

    Phase 2 - Strategy Day

    Duration: 1 Full Day


    Cultural Intelligence

    • Cultural Understanding: Decide who you want to engage with and why, to play with people and organizations you are aligned with
    • Cultural Strategy: Identify how to implement those changes and how it fits with your business goals
    • Cultural Exposure: Implement the strategy in a way that’s aligned with you and the new market’s culture

    Brand Alignment & Strategy

    • Align the brand image, promise, and behavior with the vision of the company
    • Align the business strategy with your brand behavior
    • Strategize campaigns that are aligned with what the brand provides in experience, and what the audience demands

    Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement

    • Outline vision and purpose of the expansion to align all stakeholders under a joint vision
    • Assess resources & capabilities that are required to make expansion a success
    • Define strategy for engaging the right stakeholders around the shared vision to have maximum commitment from each person involved

    Game Plan

    • Define action plan based on strategy for each key area to ensure the success of the expansion project
    • Identify the right leaders for Access Panel that will provide resources & capabilities required for the success of the project

    Phase 3 - Access Panel Engagement

    Duration: 3-6 Months


    • Define key objectives to accomplish in collaboration with Access Panel members to set clear expectations
    • Engage with Access Panel over set period of time to access resources & capabilities required to ensure the success of the project
    • Transfer newly gained resources & capabilities into company to internalize the assets and sustain pace of expansion progress

    Phase 4 - Evaluation

    Duration: Approx. 1 Day​


    • Together with the Access Panel members, we will decide if we want to continue the collaboration or require a new panel of leaders for the next growth phase
    • Re-engage with existing or new Access Panel to break through to next growth stage

    Your Investment

    • The project fee consists of 10% of your total investment in the expansion and covers the entire process through all the phases
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    Request an intake call to talk about how LeadersBridge can help you create Aligned Opportunities

  • Testimonials

    Hear what our clients say about us

    Marcel Gasser

    Managing Director Switzerland at Global Entrepreneurship Network


    “Daniel has been in charge of building our Board of Directors for the Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland.

    Because of the people we have on the board now, we literally have access to more than 50’000 high level contacts, including entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, corporate innovators, governments as well as NGO leaders.

    This enables us to build this organization more strategically and effectively than we ever could have without that board."

    Janis Leontidis

    Serial Entrepreneur and CEO at Virus Clothing


    "What we need are people who do things, who do not fear to take risks, who are actually interested to really change something.


    There are unfortunately only few of them and I was happy to meet one of those - Daniel.


    Just a few weeks after I met him, he introduced me to an investor, who ended up investing into my venture."

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