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    We connect Digital Leaders for partnership, investment and board opportunities

  • LeadersBridge is Switzerland's leading peer-to-peer ecosystem for Digital Leaders that connects Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Investors to collaborate on partnership, investment & board opportunities.


    Our mission is to empower leaders and organizations who tackle humanity’s grand challenges to create a sustainable future.



    We need to move away from pumping out workers and middle managers and empower a system that creates leaders and entrepreneurs who know how to access resources and capabilities to build and lead profitable, high-impact ventures.



    We need to no longer just look at entrepreneurship as a way of starting billion dollar companies but use it as a philosophy for taking charge for our own destiny by leveraging our talents and passions in an interconnected ecosystem.



    As more and more jobs disappear and people struggle to keep up with dramatic changes in how we work, we need to empower people in the workforce to thrive in a world without secure jobs, without geographic borders and without pension plans.

  • How We Create Value

    At LeadersBridge, we enable partnerships between Switzerland's key stakeholder groups through several initiatives, to create global change.

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