• CEO Collaboration Day

    The CEO Collaboration Day connects Entrepreneurs and Executives in a peer to peer exchange around today's most relevant topics

  • Every great leader understands that remarkable accomplishments require collaboration with other great leaders.


    The CEO Collaboration Day is an Executive Roundtable event where 30 selected entrepreneurs and corporate executives exchange with their peers and gain key insights & connections for breaking through to the next level.


    Our entrepreneur members are CEOs of high-growth companies (50-500 employees) in Switzerland at the forefront of emerging technologies, digitalization and market disruption.


    Our executive members are Digital Executives (CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, etc.) of multinational corporations in Switzerland in the digital transition.


    The CEO Collaboration Day features five key themes.

  • Roundtable Themes

    Every theme is organized into a roundtable with up to 8 people, where an open thought exchange of what worked and what did not work happens with your peers

    Alexander Ramseier

    Business Model Innovation

    Practitioner: Alexander Ramseier, Founder Futurebuilt
    Moderator: Kai Christen, Founder Inside Out Movement

    Product or service copycats are either already around or setup very fast. A unique business model based on concrete market / customer data can not be copied. This session explores how business model innovation is your only source for sustainable competitive advantage.

    The High-Performance Organisation

    Practitioner: Sabine van T Hart, Founder Puricous
    Moderator: Jens Ulrik Hansen, Digital Transformation Thought Leader

    The need for change is faster than ever before. This session explores how to keep on transforming and maintaining your organisation in high-performance mode, starting with looking at how healthy practices can energize not only your employees but the entire organization.

    Applied Artificial Intelligence

    Practitioner: Pascal Kaufmann, Founder Starmind

    Moderator: Regina Reinhardt, Leadership Coach

    Artificial intelligence (AI) sounds like science fiction, but we’re already using it. This session explores the huge effect it can have on processes in our organizations and its growing influence in the coming years.

    The Intrapreneur

    Practitioner: Thomas Van Halewyck, Founding Partner Bundl

    Moderator: Kai Christen, Founder Inside Out Movement

    Intrapreneurs are the natural drivers of constant reinvention in your organization - exactly what you need much more of these days. This session explores how innovation starts with the courage to examine old beliefs and how to take a new perspective from the inside out.

    Employment 4.0


    Practitioner: Marius Dahler, CIO La Prairie Group

    Moderator: Rouven Leuener, Group Head Digital NZZ

    The impact of technology and the disruptive change it brings to our employment models change the way we work today. This session explores how organizations apply new approaches to engage with their workforce, and even go beyond company borders.

  • Our Moderators

    Kai Christen

    Kai Christen

    Founder Inside Out Movement

    Jens Ulrik Hansen

    Digital Transformation Experts & Thought Leader

    Rouven Leuener

    Group Head of Digital Products NZZ

    Regina Reinhardt

    Cross Cultural Trainer & Leadership Coach

  • The next CEO Collaboration Day is happening on 11th April 2018 in Zurich.

  • Agenda

    We have 3 rules for the day:


    1. No masks. No ego. You’re either all-in or all-out. 
    2. No shallow exchange of business cards. Build trusted relationships that matter and last.
    3. No empty talk. No boring presentations. Real collaborations for real impact.

    08:30 - Welcome & Coffee

    09:00 - Program Overview & Theme Selection

    09:30 - Inspiration AI

    09:50 - Roundtables 1 & 2

    11:20 - Coffee Break

    11:40 - Roundtables 3 & 4

    13:10 - Lunch Break

    14:30 - Roundtables 5 & 6

    16:00 - Recap

    16:45 - Networking

    18:00 - Official end

  • Why Participate


      Practical Insights

      Exchange best practices and failure with peer-level, cutting-edge CEOs and corporate top executives who've been there before

      Invaluable Connections

      Tap into an exclusive network of global leaders who can provide access to any resource & capability you'll ever need

      Trusted Ecosystem

      Become part of a trusted ecosystem of Entrepreneurs & Executives that act under an umbrella of shared values

    1. What Makes Us Unique

      We've got a long history in enabling growth

      Coaching & Mentoring

      Coached & mentored 250+ corporate leaders and entrepreneurs from 29+ nationalities

      Business Enablement

      Enabled angel investments, joint venture partnerships and business deals that led to more than CHF 20 Million in new business value

      Community Building

      Built a community of 12’000+ professionals and executives with the goal of fostering cross-sector partnerships between corporates and startups in Switzerland

    2. Featured Guests 2017

      Pascal Kaufmann

      Founder at Starmind & Mindfire

      Kim-Andrée Potvin

      Chief Operating Officer at BNP Paribas

      Thomas Winter

      Chief Digital Officer Global Partner Organizations at Cisco

      Rajesh Tiwari

      Head of Global Product Management and R&D Automation*Digitalization at ABB

      Nicolas Bürer

      Managing Director at DigitalSwitzerland

      Jens Paul Berndt

      CTO at Homegate

      Marius Dahler

      Simon Erdmann

      Chief Digital Officer at Cognizant Schweiz

      Marc Maret

      CEO & Co-Founder at Infocentric

      Daniel Gradenegger

      30x Entrepreneur / Co-Founder at Muume & AnnaNow

      Michael Bodekaer

      Founder & CTO at Labster

      Pascal Mathis

      Co-founder GetYourGuide & Partner at Wingman

      Bastiaan van Rooden

      Richard Gabriel

      CEO & Co-Founder at Yalea Languages

      Juan Barón

      Head of International Monetization at Ringier

      Thomas Van Halewyck

      Founding Partner at Bundl

      Rouven Leuener

      Group Head of Digital Products at NZZ

      Kolja Rafferty

      CEO at Visionarity and Strategy Practice Lead at Leverage Experts

    3. The next CEO Collaboration Day is happening on 11th April 2018 in Zurich.

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