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Why Human-Level AI Could Change the (Insurance) World

Gero Gunkel

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Gero Gunkel, Group Head of Artificial Intelligence at Zurich Insurance on what shaped his journey and his view on the impact of AI on insurance.

We dive into what shaped Gero’s journey to become a major player the driving Applied Artificial Intelligence in the world of insurance.

Towards the end of the conversation, I ask Gero what he believes would at least 10x the impact on his work. He dove into how human-level AI could dramatically accelerate the changes we need to make happen on a global level.

Watch the full interview with Gero below.

About Gero Gunkel

Gero Gunkel is the Group Head of AI at Zurich Insurance. As part of Zurich`s Business Development and Innovation team, he manages Zurich`s artificial intelligence portfolio since 2015, driving the adoption of AI solutions across the whole insurance value chain.

Previously he worked for Zurich`s internal consulting team as a senior consultant. Before joining Zurich Gero worked on the launch of an innovation consultancy in London.

Gero holds a BA in Economics from the University of Heidelberg and a Master in Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science."