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Why the Human Factor Makes or Breaks Transformations

Mark Seall

· Industrial

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Mark Seall, Global Head of Digital Communications at Siemens, on why so many digital transformation projects fail to achieve their full potential.

Mark shares a case study of a platform they built and why it did not make the full impact it could have had. He also shares why, after exiting a startup he co-founded, he decided to join the corporate world again.

Watch the full video with Mark below.

About Mark Seall

Mark Seall is global head of Digital Communications at Siemens and responsible for transforming communications at Siemens to meet the challenges of the digital era and build a new communications model for the future. In his previous roles in start-ups as well as large complex organisations, Mark has had extensive experience of the challenges in unlocking the value from technology.