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It's About Doing the Right Things

Dominique Schmid

· Life Sciences

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Dominique Schmid, Head of Innovation and Technology Management at St. Claraspital, on what shaped him as a leader and why he’s so passionate about building a Digital Hospital.

We talk about how he keeps a clear mind with leading such a large transformation and the purpose behind building a Digital Hospital. We also discuss why leadership starts inside yourself and what standing up for your core values have to do with it.

Watch the full video below.

About Dominique Schmid

CIO with strong general manager background (lic. rer. pol. MBA/EMBA) with multiyear experience in the guidance of enterprises and departments of up to 2500 employees.

Specialties: ICT (services and infrastructure), digital transformation, health care and machinery construction industries. Previous Job Experiences: CEO of an internationally operating telecom company with subsidiaries in 10 countries (EAA), CIO/COO of an international operating document process management company, project- and department leader in the area of change management, M&A transactions, partner- and turn-around management.

Experienced sponsor/mentor within the range of technical innovations and transformation transactions.

Actual assignments: Member of the board of directors of BernExpo Holding AG, BernExpo AG and Domicil AG in Bern, Switzerland. Member of the Executive Board of St. Claraspital, Head of Innovation and Technology Management.