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Scaling a Swiss Company Into a Global Player

Severin Weiss

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Severin Weiss, CEO at SpecPage, on his journey of scaling the company from 2 people to over 100 people and turning it into a global player.

We dive into some of they key factors that made this growth possible and what lessons Severin learned along the way.

We also discuss what impact the right mindset has on business growth and with what attitude Severin walks into every meeting he has.

Watch the full video below.

About Severin Weiss

Severin Weiss belongs to an elite sub-set of entrepreneurs – he is a serial entrepreneur.

For more than three decades, Weiss has created and expanded international business systems, producing and delivering exceptional results.

From business development to executive management, Weiss is widely recognized as a global expert in start-ups, development, marketing, restructuring, outsourcing, offshoring and the design of innovative information management solutions.

In both development and executive roles, he has worked with industry giants like Actebis, Adcomp, 3Com Switzerland, COPE/Mount10, Novastor, Tata Consultancy and Ness Technologies. He has been endorsed by more than 20 industry leaders for extraordinary skill with business strategy, transformation and expansion.

Weiss received his undergraduate degree in technology engineering. He earned dual Master’s Degrees in advanced business studies, (MBA), from the prestigious China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), and State University New York (SUNY).

He founded SpecPage in 2006. SpecPage is a multinational, privately held computer software manufacturer, software supplier and IT service provider offering integrated software process solutions for food and beverage manufacturers.

The company specializes in expert process solutions, like Product Lifecycle Management, (PLM), Product Data Management, (PDM), Global Data Synchronization, (GDSN), Laboratory Management (LIMS), Enterprise Systems Management, (ERP), Environment Health Site Assessment/Materials Safety Data Sheet, (EHSA/MSDS) Regulatory Solutions for Food and Recipe Development, (RSFRD), and Global Regulatory Compliance, (GRC).

SpecPage is headquartered primarily in Switzerland and the U.S. with offices in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Singapore, China and Taiwan.