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Giving New Ideas Wings

Olga Miler

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Olga Miler, an Innovation Architect who worked for several blue chip companies like PwC, Nestle and UBS, on how she’s able to successfully innovate inside of such big corporations.

We talk about why she is so passionate about revolutionizing the financial services world and what keeps her going even in tough times. Olga also shares a great story of an almost failed startup that turned around because of a simple change.

Watch the full video below.

About Olga Miler

Olga is an innovation and marketing expert, and a specialist in gender equality, gender-lens investing, and women and finance.

In her day job she co-founded and implemented UBS’ Wealth Management global change program for women. This groundbreaking five-year program has pledged to better serve female clients; increase one million women’s financial confidence; and help the UN reach its Sustainable Development Goal number 5 – to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Under Olga’s leadership, the program reached 27 million people worldwide in its first year and has been recognized with various awards. Olga is a frequent speaker globally about gender equality, financial confidence and female empowerment; and has featured in various media such as BBC News, CNBC, the Financial Times, The Times, Bloomberg and The Guardian.

Olga’s awards and achievements include a place on the International Finance Center Power Women Top 200 list; she has been short-listed for various awards such as Women in Finance Ambassador of the year, Disruptor of the Year, Gender Diversity Role Model of the Year; and won the UBS Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Award and Innovator of the Year 2016 Award. Olga is also a fellow of the league of intrapreneurs and frequently coaches and mentors start-ups.