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The Impact Investing Revolution

Florian Kemmerich

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader Show, I interview Florian Kemmerich, Managing Partner at Bamboo Capital Partners, on the power of impact investing.

Florian shares his unconventional journey of entrepreneurship that led him to become a major force in the impact investing world. He talks about the difference between impact investing and philanthropy and why he decided to focus on emerging markets.

Florian dives further into the leverage that impact investing creates in today’s economy and society and why we are just at the beginning of this massive movement.

Watch the full interview with Florian below.

About Florian Kemmerich

Florian is Managing Partner of Bamboo Capital Partners, Founder of Ryan-Kay and Board Member of numerous organisations. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Science in Marketing and different diploma on business and personal development. Florian leverages his extensive background on corporations, start-ups, fundraising and transactions in healthcare and private equity to invest in, build and (re-)position organisations in the competitive global marketplace.

In particular his passion is around tech impact investing leapfrogging the underserved population in emerging markets and effective personal development methodologies to create high-performance teams. In addition, Florian founded a medical education foundation in Mexico while supporting many NGOs, patient advocacy groups and extramural surgery programs in Central-America’s most remote locations. As active Member of the Young Presidents’ Organisation and on the global Executive Committees of the Sustainable Business and Healthcare Industry Networks.

With over 25 years of team leadership and investment, Florian held senior executive positions at B. Braun, Olympus, Small Bone Innovations (now Stryker), Parter Capital and several other early & commercial stage technology companies. Fluent in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian.