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The World is a Playground

Sandra-Stella Triebl

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Sandra-Stella Triebl, Founder of Swiss Ladies Drive, on her journey as an entrepreneur to building one of the most popular business magazines for women in Switzerland.

Sandra-Stella shares the struggles she had to overcome along the way and how her upbringing has enabled her to embrace entrepreneurship with all of its risks.

She dives into her worldview and explains why we should look at the world, especially in business, more as a playground than anything else.

This and much more in our interview with Sandra-Stella. Watch the full video below.

About Sandra-Stella Triebl

Sandra-Stella Triebl is a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of Swiss Ladies Drive, League of Leading Ladies and several other startups.

Learn more about Sandra-Stella and her ventures at Swiss Ladies Drive.