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More Than Digital

Benjamin Talin

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader Show, I interview Benjamin Talin, founder of More Than Digital, on his journey as a serial entrepreneur.

Ben shares how he looks at everything he builds as a collaborative effort and how he involves co-contributors in his projects. He also shares how he makes sure that financial contributors and partners are in alignment with the bigger vision of his ventures and the purpose behind them.

Watch the full video with Ben below.

About Benjamin Talin

Already a 11-times serial entrepreneur, Benjamin started early with 13 years old. Now he is the founder of the helm 361 group, as the biggest digital initiative in europe and involved in many other projects.

His heart is beating for innovation and disruption. With that in mind he is advising governments, companies, organizations and as an international keynote speaker he tries to motivate people around the world for digital and innovation.