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Successfully Exiting a Swiss Startup

Mathias Wegmüller

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Mathias Wegmüller, Founder at Qumram, on how they were able to successfully sell the company to a large US firm, only 6.5 years after they started it.

What were the key ingredients that laid the success path to the exit?

Why does not all Silicon Valley wisdom apply in Switzerland?

How did Qumram secure large investments by placing their software development center in a strategic location?

This and more in our interview with Mathias. Watch the full video below.

About Mathias

Mathias is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and digital transformation advisor. He has specialist experience working with mid- to large-sized businesses, facilitating the effective execution of digital engagement initiatives. A passionate, action-oriented and motivational team leader, Mathias Co-founded denkplatz in 2007 and Qumram in 2011. He successfully exited both companies in 2017. He now works for Dynatrace - the acquirer of Qumram – in a sales and marketing enabling advisory role.