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Innovating the Dinosaur

David Bruno

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview David Bruno, also known as SuperDave, who headed up the Innovation Lab at UBS.

How can giant corporations work effectively with startups without getting lost in translation issues of cultures?

What is Switzerland doing brilliantly in entrepreneurship and where do we need to improve?

What are the key principles that make or break innovation pursuits at large corporations?

This and more in our interview with Dave. Watch the full video below.

About Dave

“SuperDave” Bruno builds companies and creates jobs. At PwC he helped build a consulting practice doing accounting M&A services.

At CS and UBS he helped build, automate and deploy an operational accounting teams and systems, before moving into a strategy role that led to the creation of the innovation labs and digital strategy at UBS, ultimately launching new business models.

Dave now works with several startups and at F10, a FinTech incubator as senior coach.