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It's All About the People

Ursula Soritsch-Renier

· Industrial

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Ursula Soritsch-Renier, CIO at Sulzer, on how she’s leading such a large organization and why people always need to come first.

What does “It’s all about the people” mean in a business context in terms of performance and results?

What’s the “bottom line” of diversity in business and why is it crucial to look at diversity beyond the male and female perspective?

What does it mean to lead authentically and empower others in an organization to perform at their highest?

This and more in our conversation with Ursula. Watch the full video below.

About Ursula Soritsch-Renier

Ursula Soritsch-Renier has started her career at a software startup before joining Royal Philips Electronics in 1995. From 1995 until 2009, she held various assignments for Philips in Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and USA. From 2009 until 2013, she served as Global Head for IT Strategy, Sourcing, Project Management as well as Enterprise Architecture at Novartis in Cambridge, USA.

Since 2013, she is CIO of Sulzer, a Swiss industrial company, located in Winterthur, Switzerland. Since 2016, she is in addition to her role as CIO Group Digital Leader IT.
Ursula Soritsch-Renier holds a Master of Philosophy with minor in Computer Science from the University of Vienna and a Bachelor of the WIFI College for Economics in Austria. She was awarded Swiss CIO of the year in 2014.