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Stop the Meeting Madness

Tobias Häckermann

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Tobias Häckermann, co-founder and CEO of SHERPANY, on his journey as CEO of Switzerland’s fastest growing startup.

What does it take to transform our meeting culture in business towards more productivity?

Why does every company need a strong sales DNA next to their product DNA?

How do you find and develop the best sales people that align with your culture?

This and more in our interview with Tobias. Watch the full video below.

About Tobias

Tobias, co-founder and CEO of SHERPANY, the fastest growing start-up in Switzerland. Bevor that, he successfully founded and sold a company in the security industry. Tobias holds a masters degree in business law from UZH.

As a technical enthusiast, he supports executive boards and board of directors in the digital transformation of leadership and meeting management, to increase impact and time effectiveness. Meaning: Automatization of information flow, digitization of individual meeting preparation, facilitation of decision making during the meeting, standardization of delegation of assignments and follow-ups; Faster, asynchronously, remote and time-efficient.

His vision: A working day without meetings. Meetings are the most often used leadership tool, at the same time the biggest time consumers of executives. This needs to change. By 2025, Sherpany will have revolutionized the corporate meeting culture and have freed up 100 Mio. hours of wasted meeting time.

With our specialized SaaS platform, we are the premium partner for medium-sized and large enterprises when it comes to evolve and digitally transform the management of formal meetings. We encourage the evolution of meeting culture through a delightful, easy to use and confidential meeting management software to drive focus on decision making to free up time for value-adding work.