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Redesigning Venture Capital Through CrowdFunding

Max Lyadvinsky

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader Show, I interview Max Lyadvinsky, co-founder and CEO of Bloomio, on his journey of building Acronis from scratch into a multinational corporation and what the future of crowdfunding holds.

Why is crowdfunding such an interesting field to play in?

What’s the state of venture capital and crowdfunding today and where are we heading in the coming years?

This and much more in our interview with Max. Watch the full video below.

About Max

Max Lyadvinsky is a founder and CEO at Bloomio. He has expertise in fundraising and scaling startup teams, envisioning future market trends, developing product strategies and innovating disruptive technologies.

Several years of system software development and talented engineers’ management have supported his arrival at Acronis as a co-founder and a director of engineering in 2001.

Max has scaled the team from 4 engineers to around 400 employees as the Head of R&D of Acronis.

Many years of warm friendships with venture capitalists willing to invest into fast-growing Acronis have transformed Max’ career inspiration into a new activity to help VC firms with startups due diligence, and to consult young teams as a CTO in Residence on different topics, including IP management. Max has led several fundraising rounds, selling his private equity to VCs and private investors. Max has invested into a Swiss startup – OneVisage together with PolytechEcosystem Ventures. He serves as a board member.
Max is interested to help businesses with a tangible social impact.