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Great Organizations Are Not Run But Empowered

Thomas Meyer

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Thomas Meyer, Managing Director Accenture Switzerland & Accenture Digital DACH, on how he’s leading a 3000+ people organization by empowering every talent to release their highest potential.

What’s required to lead such a large organization without having to micro-manage people and limit their potential?

What keeps somebody like Thomas at an organization for over 30 years of his career?

What’s the impact of having a strong, deeply grounded purpose, that you pursue every day of your life in business?

This and more in our conversation with Thomas Meyer. Watch the full video below.

About Thomas

Thomas D. Meyer is Country Managing Director of Accenture Switzerland and Accenture Digital ASG Lead.

He graduated at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland with a Master degree in business administration. During his studies he specialized in organizational matters and management.

Thomas joined Accenture AG in 1987 and was since then involved in projects in Corporate Consulting.

Thomas’ focus areas are the development of functional and technical architectures in traditional and new economy business models, development and implementation of information systems, management of large, complex and international transformation programs as well as reviews of IT-departments, projects and strategies. In addition Thomas has hands-on experience in setting up new entities and start-up’s.

Through a career spanning over twenty nine years to date, Thomas acquired all-round experience in executing complex international projects in multiple sectors including public administration, the automotive industry, and especially banking and insurance. His consulting activities now mainly focus on conceiving, planning and implementing new business models and business process change, and supporting them through information technology and innovative partnerships built to last.

Thomas Meyer has over 25 years of experience in the Insurance Sector and worked with clients in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, USA, France and Belgium. Thomas D. Meyer works out of Zurich, is married and a father of five children.