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Is Venture Capital Alive in Switzerland?

Gina Domanig

· Finance

In this episode, I interview Gina Domanig, Managing Partner at Emerald Technology Ventures, on her journey of building a venture capital firm in Switzerland and the future of industrial technology.

What makes a startup team truly investable?

What are the digital trends in industrial technology?

Why is Switzerland not a Startup Nation (yet)?

This and more in our interview with Gina Domanig. Watch the full interview below.

About Gina Domanig

Gina Domanig is the Managing Partner of Emerald Technology Ventures. In 2000 she founded the business as the first independent cleantech venture capital fund in Europe. Gina currently serves on the boards of Elcomax GmbH, Ushr Inc. (former GeoDigital International Inc.), MetGen Oy, Powerhouse Dynamics Inc., SDCmaterials Inc. and TaKaDu Inc. In addition to Emerald activities, Gina serves on the board of Die Mobiliar and u-blox AG.

Gina has over 25 years of international business experience including banking, M&A, strategic development, and venture capital. Prior to starting Emerald, she was senior vice president at Sulzer, a Swiss multinational, responsible for strategic planning and M&A. Gina holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from Arizona State University as well as MBA degrees from Thunderbird in Arizona and ESADE in Barcelona. She is fluent in English, German and Spanish.