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Human Centered Innovation in Banking

With Christoph Hartgens

· Business,Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Christoph Hartgens, Fintech Expert and Transformation Leader who has worked for many different financial companies over the years.

We discuss how important it is for people from all levels to trust you in projects. We dive into why some corporate ventures succeed while others miserably fail. And we discuss the importance of human centricity in every aspect of innovation and transformation.

Watch the full interview below.

About Christoph Hartgens

As a trained "banker" and derivative trader, I was curious and fascinated by
the change through people and time at a very young age. Even today, I still
see technology only as a facilitator.

In many projects there was no reference point and we were breaking new
ground. Whether this was the first CAT bond with hail damage or the journey
of a pure private bank into the world of digital assets and Bitcoin.

It was the human aspects that drove me on. How do I bring everyone together
at one table? How do I get the stakeholder buy-in? What exactly does the
user / customer want? How do I reduce internal resistance and get their

My family of five with three adult children is both a balance and a sparring
partner. In addition to skiing, mountain biking and hiking, on Sundays from
October to the end of April I run an alpine hut with colleagues for hikers,
bikers, touring skiers and nature lovers. This is also where the background
of today's video comes from ;-)