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Hiring People with Great Say-Do Ratios

Nazir Esmail

· Tech Media and Telco,Industrial,Consumer Goods

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Nazir Esmail, Regional CIO at Polaris Industries, on his journey as a leader and his biggest lessons learned.

We talk about decision making with the customer in the center and how different cultures can be in terms of their communication. We also dive into how to effectively get buy-in from boards to move forward on change and how Nazir hires his best people.

Watch the full interview below.

About Nazir Esmail

Originally from Portugal, Nazir Esmail completed his formal education in Manufacturing Engineering in Boston, MA, USA. Upon returning to Portugal in 1999, he joined Oracle Corporation and had the opportunity to collaborate on several large-scale ERP and CRM programs across mainland Europe.

After leaving Oracle, Nazir joined Stryker in 2007 and moved to Switzerland where he was part of a cross functional team delivering technology capabilities around several countries in Europe but also in the US, Canada and Japan.

In 2015 Nazir joined Polaris Industries where the initial focus was on been building the international team and enabling business outcomes through the use of technology.

Throughout his career, Nazir has developed a passion for utilizing technology as a way to remove barriers and reduce friction in customer interactions and touchpoints. This has allowed Nazir to develop a customer-centric & customer-first approach in his decision-making process. In his free time, Nazir enjoys playing football with friends and spending time with his family.