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Heart-Centered Leadership in Times of Change

Chris Walter

· Business,Tech Media and Telco,Life Sciences

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Chris Walter, Head of Commercial IT Europe at Mylan. We talked about the fundamental lessons he learned along his career and discuss how to get people on board for big changes.

We also talk about Chris’ playbook for transformational leadership to make important changes happen and take people along.

Watch the full interview below.

About Chris Walter

A business-facing Business-IT executive with extensive experience in business transformation and operation enablement across all aspects of commercial, manufacturing and business support functions.

Chris' background gives him a sound understanding of all aspects of how business transformation (integration, divestment, business strategies etc.) are enabled through the use of Information Technology capabilities, strong knowledge of all aspects of current technologies and strong focus on business change and individual change management.

Chris believes that Change (or adoption of new process and/or technology) can only be successful with strong communication, collaboration with stakeholders and connecting the right people, process and technology.