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From Corporate CMO to Startup CEO

With Patrick Koller

· Business

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Patrick Koller, founder and CEO at matchspace. We dive into what motivated him to pursue the business idea behind matchspace, what gets him up every morning and why customer centricity is so important.

We also dive into what makes cultural transformations so tricky and if it makes sense to try to change people’s mindset through a transformation.

Watch the full interview below.

About Patrick Koller

Patrick A. Koller is the Founder and CEO of Matchspace, an innovative digital marketplace for the teaching of courses in the field of personal development and recreational activities. Matchspace helps individuals to develop their talents by learning from qualified professionals in a unique, personal and fun environment.

Previous to Matchspace, Patrick A. Koller was the Chief Marketing and Chief Digital Innovation Officer (CMO & CDIO) at Franke Coffee Systems, a world market leader in professional coffee machines. He developed and commercialized Franke’s IoT product offering from ground up and established the company as an innovation leader in the industry in less than two years. He directed a new brand purpose and brand identity initiative to position the company as customer centric solution provider and redirected communication strategy from product focused feature selling to customer experience focused value selling.

Before Franke, Patrick A. Koller served as Group Operations & Development Director at Selecta, the European market leader for self-service retail concepts and coffee solutions, where he streamlined the group-wide machine portfolio and vendor relationships, directed the development of new machine concepts, managed group-wide innovation initiatives including digitalization and advised the CEO and the Board of Directors on strategic and operational issues. Mr. Koller also held various global management positions for Siemens, including business development, turnaround management, business excellence, and innovation management.

Mr. Koller received his Global Executive MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore, and his B.A. and M.A. Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. He is also certified as a board member.

Patrick A. Koller is married and a happy father of a young girl and boy.