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Why Business Works Like an Opera

Martin Wettstein

· Professional Service

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, Martin Wettstein, CIO at Swica, shares why business is conducted a bit like an opera and why he loves riding his motorbike so much.

Martin shares one of the biggest lessons he learned at this time at IBM about limitations and overcoming them. He also shares how he enables an environment people where people work together cross-functional in very diverse teams.

Watch the interview below.

About Martin Wettstein

Change Manager on his home turf "Information Technology". Started as well educated IBM System Engineer, continued in many special task and projects activities and teams. Started as Change Manager of an IT Helpdesk which he transformed to a modern IT Service Desk, in the middle of IT servicing. Developed teams, tools and processes.

Experience ranges from assembler programming to open-source implementations. Capable to cooperate with sourcing partners and running 7x24x365 shops. Helped teams to develop agile mindsets, supporting modern service design, including customer journeys and making value for business.

Innovative and strategy driven senior IT management leader with over 20 years of frontline experience establishing new IT functions from the ground up, rebuilding existing departments, and developing and implementing best-in-class systems, procedures and policies. Adept at creating long-term strategies, aligning IT operations with business objectives, and supporting drastic business transformations.

Utilise strong communication skills to build effective relationships with clients, stakeholders and suppliers and lead large multi-cultural teams to consistently achieve optimum performance under pressure. Possess broad technology skills and a passion for monitoring technical and marketplace evolutions.