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What Makes or Breaks Digital Products

with Oliver Glockner

In this episode of The Aligned, Leader, I interview Oliver Glockner, Innovation Director Software & Services at Hilti, on his journey as a digital leader and the success and failure factor of digital innovation.

We discuss why user experience expectations are higher today than ever before on every piece of software and interface. Oliver shares his perspective on how important it is to invest in digital products long term and how culture can make or break digital innovation.

Watch the full interview below.

About Oliver Glockner

Oliver is Innovation Director for Software and Services at Hilti, a globally leading provider of construction tools and fastening technology. Having been the Head of Product Management for Hilti's software solutions, he has more than 10 years of experience in delivering and marketing innovative solutions for the construction industry. In his current role, he is looking for new areas to bring innovation into the portfolio and is working with industry partners such as software vendors and startups to drive outside-in innovation. In addition, he has worked on several strategy project in which he helped to define Hilti's global digital agenda.

Having a PhD in Applied Mathematics, Oliver has also worked in setting up the Virtual Product Development discipline at Hilti before focusing on software solutions.