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How Digital Product Success Relates to Company Culture

with Vladimir Mijatovic

· Business

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Vladimir Mijatovic, Head of Product Management for Software & Digital Services at Bystronic, on his experience and perspective about digital innovation.

We discuss why completing a project may not necessarily be a success, what impact the company culture can have on digital product success and why showing a prototype is so much more powerful than showing slides. We also talk about the role of data in stakeholder management.

Watch the full interview below.

About Vladimir Mijatovic

Originally from Serbia, Vladimir moved to Finland as a young engineer to work on the great job – connecting people through mobile phones and networks. Through his career he worked on pioneering technologies that became mass-market later – mobile internet, mobile payments, blockchain, HR Tech and industry 4.0.

Living in Finland and nowadays in Switzerland (both countries have rich history of design) has brought a passion for design and wonderful user experiences. “Wonderful user experiences are all around us, and it is an essential part of creating products and services customers love!”

He has lived and worked in Finland and Switzerland; building great products and building great teams. Building great products has always been a passion on discovering what is that elusive thing that users want. What really matters to them? What would make them happy long-term? What would make them go “wow”? Answer to that is complex and fascinating, and it has been the driving force behind Vlad’s career.