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We Always Fail When We Don't Understand the Users

Baris Ersezer

· Life Sciences

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Baris Ersezer, Head of Digital Product Excellence at Merck Group, on his journey and developing digital products successfully.

Baris shares his deep insights into developing successful digital products within existing environments. He also shares why we always fail when we don’t understand the user.

Watch the full interview with Baris below.

About Baris Ersezer

Baris was always fascinated by technology and curious about how things were built. He started coding when he was a teenager and made this passion his job. His appetite to new challenges made him travel and work in different countries and companies. He created his own company to taste the entrepreneurship and learned a lot from this diverse experiences.

Currently he believes that all the new technologies invented for different purpose like games, entertainment, transportation, etc. could help to understand people needs by analyzing the collected data and provide high value digital healthcare. The best solution for him is when the solution is fully integrated within the life (digital life) of users instead of expecting them to learn one more application.