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Turning Digital Investments Into Business Advantages

with Chris Frey

· Business,Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Chris Frey, Digital Transformation Officer at a global bank in technology, on how to effectively drive digital change projects.

We discuss a highly effective change process, what makes or breaks digital transformations and why human centricity is so important.

About Chris Frey
Chris Frey is a Technology Executive with focus on digital transformation, emerging technologies and innovation in the product, service and business model space.

He helps organisations to transform beyond technology, put the consumer into the end-to-end view and define the strategy to achieve tangible benefits. Moreover, Chris helps teams become more agile, customer centric and innovative to remain relevant in an ever-increasing digital world.

With a 20 years track-record of strategic and operational results, his experiences include managing large budgets, multi-disciplined global teams, senior stakeholders and partners to turn innovative IT investments into business advantages. He has worked for companies such as UBS, Apple, Digital Media Startups and Perot Systems / Dell.

As a public speaker, start-up coach, team player and continuous learner, Chris enjoys meeting and working with motivated and curious teams who positively challenge the status-quo. Throughout life, he has been driven and passioned about bridging technology and innovation to advance how we live and work. This is what makes him tick he admits.

Outside of work you might find Chris kite-surfing in remote places, at live concerts in small venues or exploring modern art and sculptures.

Social media @ChrisFreyLive