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Transforming Andermatt's Digital Experience

with Thomas Landis

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Thomas Landis, Chief Digital Officer at Andermatt Swiss Alps, on how to convince management when it comes to investments in innovation.

We discuss why it's so important to have the human in the center of innovation, what makes great digital experiences and why finding the self-motivated people in the organization is key to successful transformations.

Watch the full interview below.

About Thomas Landis

Following commercial training and after obtaining an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration, Thomas Landis completed his Master of Advanced Studies in Corporate Innovation Management at the University of St. Gallen in 2014.

Beginning in 1998, Landis worked in various positions in the SIX Group before leaving to form his own think tank in 2008. After two years of professional self-employment, Landis returned to the financial sector. He first worked for Swisscard/American Express as premium product manager. In 2012 he rejoined the SIX Group, where, as innovation lead, he and his team played a key role in developing the national mobile payment solution Twint. In 2016 Landis was tasked with developing the FinTech incubator and accelerator F10, which is designed to promote collaboration between financial institutions and start-ups in Zurich and Singapore.

Landis is married and has two daughters. He enjoys travelling abroad and playing sports, including, until 2012, for the Swiss National Baseball Team.