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The Global Alliance

Joerg Meyer

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Joerg Meyer, Head of Alliance Management & International Business Development at ComputerAid, on the shift in mindset about global collaboration in the digital age.

How can companies shift from a competition mindset to a collaboration mindset?

What are some cutting-edge strategies for expanding an organization globally without having to buy up market share?

How can organizations become global leaders without having to control markets and building large corporate structures?

This and more in the interview with Joerg Meyer. Join the conversation and watch the video interview below.

About Joerg Meyer

Joerg’s career at Merck/MSD was highlighted by repeatedly being asked to transform IT organizations around the world: first IT manager for East Europe region, first Regional CIO and eBusiness Leader for Latin America, first Regional CTO for Europe, Middle East Africa, as well as leading an Application Development group in Australia, and global departments within Corp. IT and the IT Shared Services organizations.

Over the years, he repeatedly worked with business and IT functions to establish and mature IT organizations to help achieve business outcomes. Through his travels, he gained an understanding of the importance of cultural differences, and the importance of building deep client relationships. He also saw that globalization, rather than being a threat, presented a tremendous opportunity for collaboration and exponential growth.

In early 2017, he joined Computer Aid, Inc., a privately owned IT services company based out of Pennsylvania, USA. His mandate was to build out the overall international business strategy, and to launch the CAI-Global IT Partner Alliance into Europe and beyond. Currently, he is actively identifying IT companies to join the established network of IT services & IT specialty companies, which currently cover over 140 countries on 6 continents, operates 7 delivery centers, and collectively has over 2000 clients and a pool of over 10,500 employees around the world.