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Digital Transformation in Agriculture

Igor Ivanov

· Industrial

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Igor Ivanov, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Gamaya, on the impact of the digital transformation in agriculture.

We dive into how Gamaya went on to choose a highly specific niche market for their industrialization and why they have chosen Brazil when they’re based in Switzerland.

We also talk about what technology will do in the coming years for the agriculture sector.

Join the conversation and watch the video interview below.

About Igor

Igor is a commercially minded business professional with a client-focused mindset, supported by 4 degrees, entrepreneurial spirit and 10+ years of experience at multinational companies in Investment Banking, Energy and IT. Having analytical acumen and being always eager to learn new things he has built cross-functional skills and profound knowledge of investment analysis, finance, business planning and business development.

He has outstanding communication and analytical skills, independent-minded and self-driven personality. Igor successfully managed teams of 3-5 people and founded an e-commerce startup in the smart home devices market, where he actively managed business development, finance, and digital marketing.

He is passionate about startups, and enjoys working under pressure in the fast-paced and international environment. His current interest is driven by a big challenge to turn AgTech startup Gamaya into $1bn dollar company.