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Switzerland as a Startup Nation & Global AI Hub

Dalith Steiger

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Dalith Steiger, co-founder at SwissCognitive and CEO at Swiss IT Leadership Forum, on why Switzerland is not a Startup Nation (yet).

Why is it essential that Switzerland is being established a globally recognized startup hub as well as a global AI hub?

What does Switzerland need to take a pole position in the global race for AI?

What needs to change in Switzerland’s education system so we educate leaders of tomorrow?

This and more in our interview with Dalith. Listen to the entire interview below.

About Dalith Steiger

Dalith Steiger, born in Israel and grown up in Switzerland, graduated in mathematics and information technology at Zurich University. After her studies Dalith acquired vast experience in the Swiss banking industry. is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SwissCognitive, THE Global AI Hub, and WhyWait Ltd., founded in 2016. She is also CEO of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum, an association of leading executives from the Swiss ICT industry. Furthermore, Dalith is Co-owner and Member of the Executive Board of CORE AG Design Works, an agency for visual and industrial design founded in 2001. Dalith is an entrepreneur and loves to excite people. She speaks fluent German, English and Hebrew, speaks French and some Italian.