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More Human Communication with Customers

Milko van Rijn

· Industrial

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Milko van Rijn, Global Head Digital Communication at Mettler-Toledo, on why he’s so passionate about digital communication.

Milko shares what digital communication really does for customer engagement and how it enables us to be more human again. He also shares his biggest drive for doing the work he does.

Watch the full interview with Milko below.

About Milko van Rijn

Mettler-Toledo (MT) is a global leader in the sale and manufacture of weighing and measurement systems for laboratory, industrial production and trade applications. MT is headquartered in Switzerland/United States (NYSE: MTD) and serves its customers through sales organizations in 35 countries. In his position, Milko heads the Group's digital communication channels. In his responsibility, Milko drives the global digital transformation in customer communication, customer journey management, lead generation and marketing campaigns.

In his personal career, Milko followed a technology oriented path (Apple, Microsoft) and holds an Exec. MBA in Business Engineering of the University of St. Gallen.

Beside his digital life, he is a guest speaker and senior lecturer for marketing, leadership and strategy, a dad of twin daughters and he maintains an experimental truffle farm in the Zurich region.