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Listen to Your People

David Klement

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview David Klement, COO of localsearch, on his journey as an entrepreneur and leader.

David shares some of the defining moments of his life in terms of mentoring and cultural understanding. He also shares how he’s hiring for the best talents and how he makes people work together in sync.

Watch the full interview below.

About David Klement

David Klement (1981), started his career in the online industry over 20 years ago. During his professional career he worked in Germany, UK and India, before ending up in Switzerland.

Throughout his career he managed several tech and non-tech teams, building next generation online marketing platforms to make online advertising more effective.
He has a passion for new technologies and considers himself a nerd.

Today he is the COO of localsearch, where he is working on making Swiss SMEs successful in the digital world, while also being responsible for the good old telephone book.