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Getting Things Done in the Digital Transformation

Luis Marcos

· Industrial

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Luis Marcos, Digital Transformation Officer: B2B2C eCommerce & Digital Assets at Honeywell and now Resideo (a spin-off of Honeywell Homes business since Oct. 30th, 2018) on how he’s approaching transformation projects with a focus on people.

We dive into why the human factor matters most in transformation projects and why listening is one of the most important skills of our time.

Luis also shares why he’s so passionate about the digital topic and what drives him to get up every day to get things done.

Watch the full interview below.

About Luis Marcos

Luis is a digital, transformation and innovation leader, with more than 20 years of cross-functional business experience in the FMCG industry in several multinational Fortune 500 companies and leading consulting firms.

He joined Honeywell International in January 2018 as a Digital Transformation Officer, with a special transformational focus on eCommerce, product information and digital asset management supporting the business functions: Commercial Excellence, Sales, Customer Services and Marketing/Communications.