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How to Grow an Impact Business Using “The Wikipedia Strategy”

with Trudi Schifter

· Professional Service

I recently interviewed Trudi Schifter, CEO and Founder of AquaSPE, Chairman at TallyFox and Venture Partner at iGlobe Partners.

Trudi has been building and funding businesses as a venture capitalist, angel investor, chairman and CEO at several different companies over the past years.

In the interview below, we talked about the challenges of building a global impact business from Switzerland, dealing with lack of credibility in a new market, the power of multiplier decisions and how Trudi got the business off the ground using “The Wikipedia Strategy”.

About The Water Network

Access to clean water is the biggest humanitarian and economic crisis in the world today. Global water demand is forecast to exceed supply by 40% in the next 15 years. Closing this gap requires accelerated learning, innovation and an efficient market. AquaSPE operates the largest online knowledge sharing platform and business center for the $600 billion water sector to do just that, called The Water Network.

By harnessing the collective intelligence of water professionals, we have created a global asset to help solve the world’s water crisis. The proprietary algorithms of the TallyFox platform connect experts to each other and relevant information in real time. Knowledge and experts are linked contextually using a dynamic water taxonomy. The result is that companies and projects can systematically leverage their knowledge hotspots and fill gaps from the network at large.

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