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How to Build a Global Media Company from Switzerland

with Clement Charles

· Tech Media and Telco

I recently had the chance to interview Clement Charles, founder and CEO of AllTheContent and Future Space Industries on how he was able to grow his company into a media empire that currently provides content in 42 languages with a network of nearly 2000 freelance talent and 150 rights owners.

We talked about how he got the company off the ground through strategic partnerships and his biggest lessons including topics like:

  • Why execution always beats raw ideas
  • How partnering with industry leaders increases the velocity of your growth
  • How to grow through partnerships instead of re-inventing the wheel
  • Selling highly innovative products and services in a “dinosaur” industry
  • Why big industry players are more open to partner with startups than you may think
  • Getting in touch with industry leaders if you are just starting out
  • Speak less, write more
  • The importance of market validation
  • Selling to c-level executives by making your offer a no-brainer
  • Reaching CEOs at trade shows by showing up as an equal

About Clement Charles

Clement Charles is the founder and CEO of AllTheContent, a global news agency and content aggregator, and of ATC Future Medias, a Swiss company that groups different media and communication brands (Commu’Comm, Verticalizer, Noblishing).

He actively defends the role of journalism, the focus on delivering added value and the fair payment of all types of content producers. As an entrepreneur, a journalist or as a citizen, Clement Charles’ core interest is to be perfectly time to market by mapping out possible futures and find the right path to get there.

On a more personal note, he actively defends the role of journalism in society, the ownership of data by citizen, the focus on delivering added value to clients and the need for mankind to become a multi-planetary species.

Clement Charles regularly speaks at major industry events on media, innovation and ICT industries, promotes awareness on life logging with Quantified Self events in Switzerland and provides future-proof expertise’s in the field of big data, smart cities, political communication, digital immortality, green tech and orbital industries.

About AllTheContent

AllTheContent provides the right content enabling medias and corporations to attract and retain traffic in all verticals, platforms and languages since 2001.

Both news agency with 1950+ freelancers (journalists, translators, producers) and aggregator of selected third parties like Reuters, AllTheContent’s combines of the best of media and technology to deliver value to websites, publishers, broadcasters, telcos, IPTV/OTT platforms, airlines and digital signage services.

The company currently provides content in 42 languages with a network of nearly 2000 freelance talent and 150 rights owners.

About Future Space Industries

Future Space Industries is a private company incorporated in Switzerland in 2014, with early R&D ranging back to 2012.

Currently financing and incubating the various stages of the KLNR-LEO project, the company has the goal to become a central services partners of the booming private industry. Research, conception, financing, set up and operation of spaces activities in low earth orbit (LEO), high orbit (GEO, HEO) and beyond, with operations of transport, logistic, debris cleaning, waste management, zero gravity manufacturing and other industrials activities, all aiming at accelerating the conquest of space for a multi-planetary mankind.

Currently, the company is building a team a seasoned space engineer from both governmental or private background and visionary entrepreneurs with experiences ranging from start-ups to IPO, in parallel of the search for industrial partners and beta-client.

First launches and orbital cleaning operations are planned for 2019-2020.

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