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From Science to Startup

with Anil Sethi

· Industrial

Anil Sethi is an entrepreneur, author and an academic that helps companies instill entrepreneurship as a basis for sustained competitive advantage. He is also advising startups and technology companies on growth strategy and fund-raising.

Anil founded Flisom, one of the leading flexible photovoltaic companies in the world. With funding secured, the company focus was pilot, he decided to hire a CEO with manufacturing experience and transitioned to the Board, to start Swiss Extension and eventually co-founded Scrona Ltd.

He authored the book, From Science to Startup, which talks about experiences, pitfalls and knowledge behind the leading scientific ideas to successful startups. His book is available in Springer and Amazon.

In this interview, Anil walks us through his interesting story on his background, the transitions he made, and what’s he is currently up to.

Watch the interview below.