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Born in the Mountains, Now an International Entrepreneur & CEO

with Bruno Ehrler

· Life Sciences

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to interview Bruno Ehrler.

Bruno grew up in a small village on a mountain in the heart of Switzerland and at that time he never expected to start an international career. Now, he’s a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO with experiences in several industries and roles.

The way to get there was not easy but he always went forward. Everything started from an apprenticeship as an electrician in construction and continued at the officer school of the Swiss army.

Afterwards, Bruno studied industrial engineering in a tri-national course (D, CH, F) and upon finishing his studies, he started working in big corporations. Later, he completed a part-time MBA at the University of St. Gallen, combined with a leadership development program at ESADE.

In parallel, Bruno was involved in several projects and at some point, he was fed up with working for big companies so he decided to join the startup world.

Since four years, he has now been the CEO of a life science startup called 1CryoBio.

Watch his inspiring story below.