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From Insight to Impact

Peter Münzenmayer

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader Show, I interview Peter Münzenmayer, Head of DSA Group Management at SwissRe, on why insights are worth nothing without actual impact.

Peter shares his view on the future of insurance as self-driving cars become a reality. He dives into why he’s so passionate about the digital transformation in insurance and what gets him most excited every day.

This and more in out interview with Peter. Watch the full video below.

About Peter Münzenmayer

Peter Münzenmayer studied information & technology management at the University of St. Gallen.

Subsequently he joined a start-up company focusing on knowledge and communication management before joining a management consulting company where he broadened his insurance and banking skills.

In 2004, Peter joined Swiss Re in the area of knowledge & information management. He headed global teams developing information services in collaboration with various stakeholders as part of the respective management team. In this role, he was responsible for the global introduction of the Swiss Re Records Management Framework and several collaboration, information and document management projects.

In 2013, Peter was responsible for the development of the Big Data & Smart Analytics strategy and supported the development of the Swiss Re Information Management Strategy with the subsequent organizational implementation. Subsequently, Peter took on the role of head Big Data & Smart Analytics Centre in Group Underwriting where he was driving the topic with a global team in collaboration with internal (business functions, group strategy, legal and compliance, IT, information sourcing) and external partners (universities, technology companies, think tanks).

In 2016, Peter joined the Digital and Smart Analytics center of competence, which provides data science and data engineering services to the group. In his current role as Head DSA Business Partner, his tasks include identifying business opportunities and threats (with their strategic importance), building business cases (in collaboration with business, IT and related functions), engaging with external partners (universities, tech companies, startups, clients and other industries), driving internal innovation on BD&SA, initiating and participating in accelerator programs (launch of SR accelerator in Bangalore), and part of management team to build up the Digital and Smart Analytics center of competence.