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Building Bridges Between Complexity and Simplicity

Pascal Witprächtiger

· Industrial

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Pascal Witprächtiger, Managing Director Digital Shopfloor Solutions at Bosch Packaging, where he shares what shaped his journey as a leader and his big vision for a future we can all be proud of.

Pascal shares the story of a failed global rollout and what lessons he learned along the way. He also shares a very interesting process of innovating inside of an established organization to get buy-in from the right stakeholders.

Watch the full video below.

About Pascal Witprächtiger

As a classical electrical engineer, Pascal Witprächtiger entered the world of packaging machines in 2002 and has worked steadily on the topic of stepwise digitization in mechanical engineering in recent years and has also directed this from various management positions. In addition to automation technology in the traditional sense, he has also been heavily involved in the field of "Human Machine Interface" and today is responsible for the global HMI platform at Bosch Packaging Technology.

In the recently created "Digital Shopfloor Solutions" unit, he is responsible as Managing Director for successfully implementing the first steps in the external market. His broad experience in the industrial environment is also always a source for new and different concepts in leadership. KnowHow in topics such as agile development methods, holacracy or high performance teams complete his profile.