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Combining Talents and Corporate Entrepreneurship

Urs Gubser

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Urs Gubser, Head of eCommerce & Corporate Entrepreneur at SIX Payment Services, on his journey and why he’s now building an internal startup.

Urs shares some of the key lessons that shaped his journey and what excites him the most about being a leader and entrepreneur.

He also shares how his experience that combines the commercial and technical space prepared him well for his current role.

Watch the full video below.

About Urs Gubser

Urs Gubser has been working as software engineer in securities trading in New York, Hong Kong and Zurich for 12 years. While on assignment in Hong Kong he caught the payment bug and upon returning to New York started to work for Citibank in the emerging payments group as product leader. After a total of 17 years in New York and Hong Kong he moved back to Switzerland where he joined SIX as head eCommerce since 2015. In January 2018 he created the internal startup ThingsBy7.
Urs holds an MBA from Manchester University, UK.