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Why Transparency is Key in Transformations

Mauricio Campos Suarez

· Tech Media and Telco,Life Sciences,Professional Service

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Mauricio Campos Suarez who’s been a digital executive over the past 15 years at companies like Pfizer and MSD.

We discuss how the financial crisis in Argentina has shaped him as the leader he is today and the key lessons he learned in times of massive change like big mergers and other transformations. We also dive into why transparency is the key to transformations and the difference between technology connection and emotional connection.

Watch the full interview below.

About Mauricio Campos Suarez

Mauricio was born in the pre-Internet Era in Buenos Aires but he discovered his passion for technology early in life. Around his 13th birthday he invested most of his mother’s savings in the components of an unbranded XT PC that he assembled. This was a great tool at the time to help develop his creativity and his passion about technology, programming and digital music.

With the year 2KY problem, he had the chance to start working at a young age in what he loved and he discovered his other passion for Pharma business with one of his first jobs. Shortly after completing his Information Systems Engineering Major in UTN in 2003, he started travelling around the World. He finally settled in Madrid in 2005 with his wife and he continued developing his career in the Pharma sector across several countries in Europe and Middle East & Africa. Since then, the main focus of his work is to enable business, employees, patients and customers with the right set of Technology and Digital solutions to support the commercialization of medicines and to improve healthcare through innovative solutions.

In his more than 15 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, he developed his other passion for organisational & talent development and got certified as a professional coach and mindfulness & yoga instructor. He graduated from IE University Global Executive MBA in 2017. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and practicing yoga & meditation.