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Transforming a Highly Diverse Organization

Dirk Schwindling

· Business

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Dirk Schwindling, CEO of Zucchetti Switzerland, on their journey of merging two diverse cultures.

Dirk shares insights into what #growyourcore means to him and how he is leading an organization with a very diverse culture. He also shares how he hires, leads and aligns talent from diverse backgrounds, cultures and generations.

Watch the full interview below

About Dirk Schwindling

Dirk started his path in the POS technology sector over 20 years ago as a sales guy. Today, he is the CEO of a few of the Zucchetti branches including Germany and Switzerland.

As a person, he is passionate about learning; about new technologies, trends, businesses, life, people, cultures and much more. He is always up for a challenge and a very determined, focused, goal-oriented person. He loves leading, inspiring and motivating other people and has a can-do attitude towards almost everything.