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Leadership Principles for the 21st Century

John Wegman

· Tech Media and Telco

In this interview of The Aligned Leader, I interview John Wegman, Managing Director Switzerland at Iron Mountain, on his lessons learned in leadership for the 21st century.

How do you run a 100+ people organization in a way people feel guided and supported but not micro-managed?

How do you deliver consistent business growth in a world of uncertainty and information overload?

This and more in our conversation with John. Watch the full video below.

About John Wegman

Having trained in the early part of his career as a Materials Engineer, John developed his first experience in high-speed microelectronic production lines and then thin film nanomaterial production.

John then chased his passion for international business by following an MBA curriculum at one of the top rated International business schools, which included experiences in Germany, England and Finland.

In 2004 he joined a large Australian logistics group and held several roles in Finance, Sales and Operations as part of a leadership development program. This led to deeper strategic experiences assessing and then developing the markets in China and subsequently Japan.

John then moved over to a sister company in 2008, Recall Information Services. After completing a few years driving globally the Corporate Strategy group, he shifted to a P&L leadership role where the challenge was to simultaneously start and grow one European country while turning a second around.

The journey continued in 2016 with Recall being purchased by its largest competitor Iron Mountain and John being selected to manage & grow the combined Swiss business.
John draws upon a broad range of experience ranging from Corporate Strategy / M&A to literally the smallest “nano” operational details, enhanced by global working experience across many different business and national cultures.