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Going the Path of Passion vs. Mainstream

Agustin Musi

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Agustin Musi, Founder & CEO at Flyerbee, on his journey of an entrepreneur.

We dive into his story that got him to build several companies along the way and we discuss why he is so passionate about entrepreneurship and the field he is in.

Agustin shares that drives him to get up every morning to do the work he does and where that motivation comes from.

Watch the full interview below.

About Agustin Musi

Agustin Musi is a "platform building" entrepreneur and the founder of a few small Swiss-based businesses. All of his companies were started during his 20-year residence in Zurich, Switzerland.

Defined by the principle that all enterprises should focus on the balanced objectives of the triple bottom line (TBL) and his own guiding motto of "Building good things for people and planet", Agustin aims to create a positive alternative to the centralised control of advertising and local commerce.

With diverse interests such as the future of urban landscapes and data privacy as well as macro-level technology adoption patterns and cybernetics, his current project aims to develop a sustainable path for the "5th dimension in retail" and modern community experiences.

The young, entrepreneurial venture of FLYERBEE aims to modify consumer behaviour of proximity searching.

Using a unique consumer interest-driven and content-based advertising platform, the old industry of print distribution for cultural advertising will be transformed into a data lead audience and smart city platform.

This progresses toward becoming a building block of public good and privately funded IoT information infrastructure in urban environments.

FLYERBEE's intersection to this future path includes the real-world accessibility to this new dimension of retail for business owners as well as gives them the chance to offer curated commercial experiences.

Such a great transformation will require a collective, comprehensive shift: an AR/XR bridge to the real physical world.

Self-taught and always learning, Agustin is the first to admit that he is exhibiting blind ambition for project scale and impact.